Hi Friends!

 My 6th graders have been working on some stop motion movies. I have put the link to our schooltube page and have made a list of the videos below that you will find there. Don't be intimidated by the lengthy list. Most of them are not even a minute long. :)

 Hopefully they will give you a good laugh. I am so impressed with their creativity!



Candy Scandal

Frog Race

Candy Flappy Bird

The 4 Dum Dums

Magic Shoes

Magic Pouch

Ghostly Shoe Attack

Awkward Turtle

Dream Racers


Need For Speed Extreme


 Leslee Howze



    6th Grade State Testing

You have been invited by Mandy Hayward to sign up for "6th Grade State Testing 2014." Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.


To sign up, go to:


  DCIS Yearbook


You do not want to miss the opportunity to purchase your yearbook.

The website is jostensyearbooks.com

The phone number is 1-866-282-1516

   Please purchase your yearbook today

Thank you, Mrs. Kelli Hau, Yearbook Sponsor




·         All receipts from Mondays—April 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

 April Triple Points:

·         Receipts for Easter photos—Easter Bunny is here April 5th to April 19th

  turn in your receipts or copies to our locker across from the arcade on the food court level or the box outside the DCIS office. Thank you.


             Check out PTO Happenings under the PTO tab.

***Contact the office if you need your child's PowerSchool code. 

***Click the link below for the parent user guide to Powerschool



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  Our school is open to students at 7:15.  Please do not drop them off earlier as we do not have staff available to supervise them until that time. 

  • When dropping students off please note we have two lines.  When you come to the front of the building you will see a crosswalk by the gym and one at the front of the building.  If your car is stopped between these two lines, that is our unloading zone.  Please unload when you are between these lines.  Waiting until you get directly in front of the building entrance delays those behind you.  The sooner we can get the students out of the cars and safely on the sidewalk, the quicker we can get you back on the road. 
  • If you are not going through the line, then you MUST walk your child to the door.  We do not allow students to cross the parking lot alone.  Please use the crosswalks to come to the building.  We want everyone to be safe.  
  • There is a space between the two car lines and that is for my staff and me to direct students from the cars and for the students to safely pass to the sidewalk.   DO NOT drive in this lane.   
  • When exiting our parking lot, we ask that you only turn right during the times posted.  This helps us to keep the lines moving.  Remember you will encounter high school traffic beginning around 7:30.  
  • If you are picking your child up, please remind them to watch for you.  They sometimes get busy visiting and don’t notice that you are in the pickup space.  We will continue to try and help the students to watch, but your help is needed as well.  
  • Above all, please watch for students and parents in the parking lot.  Keep your speed low and be patient as we assist everyone through the line and parking lot.

      If you are coming into our building during the day, please remember to go to the office first and check in.  You will need a pass in order to walk through our halls.  If you forget, don’t be offended or surprised if our staff asks you to go to the office and get a pass.   Also if you are coming to have lunch with your child, you must also check in the office first.   Please remember you can only bring lunch for your own child.  We have several students with food allergies, so we cannot share food or provide food for other children.  In the event of a birthday, you can ask students to join you, but they must have their own food.



         In October 2013, Amazon launched a new fundraising opportunity for non-profits and charitable organizations.  The program is called Amazon Smile

         Here’s how it works.  When someone purchases items from Amazon at checkout they have an opportunity to designate a non-profit of their choice for the receipt of donations from eligible items.  Once they search for the group they want to support that group becomes their default organization for any future purchases/donations.   The Deer Creek Schools Foundation (listed as the Deer Creek Community Enrichment Foundation on the site) will receive .05% of every eligible purchase.  As an example, the purchase of $600 worth of eligible items would result in a $30 donation directly to the Foundation.  Since we spend on average $15.00 per student per grant cycle that contribution essentially would help pay for 2 students funding and it would help us increase our endowment for future generations.    Here is a link to a page promoting the opportunity.  http://smile.amazon.com/ch/73-1132453    If you, your friends,family, or neighbors purchase through Amazon please be sure to have them select the Foundation or whatever charity you would like to receive your eligible gift.