6th Grade Information Technology


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6th Grade


Why computer science?

Every 21st-century student should have the opportunity to take part in creating technology that’s changing our world. The basics help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills, and prepare students for any future career. But most schools still don’t teach computer science.

Computer science is a foundation for every student. 
Coding is a global movement with more than 100 million learners in 180 countries. Once students see what they create right before their eyes, they’re empowered to keep going.  By exposing both girls and boys to fundamental computing  concepts on a level playing field, starting with the earliest learners, we can inspire today’s generation of students to build technology.

Watch this quick Coding Video Clip:

As listed below, 6th Grade students will have the wonderful opportunity to participate in a variety of Coding websites and iPad apps:

1.  The Hour of Code:  A one-hour activity. Students of all
ages can choose from a variety of self-guided tutorials, for kindergarten and up. Tutorials work on any modern browser, tablet, smartphone.
Visit this website (We will create Student Logins in Class!)

2.  ScratchScratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games – and share those creations online.

3.  Hopscotch
No typing. No tricky syntax. Just drag blocks of code with your finger and play what you make instantly. BAM.
Visit this website (We will create Student Logins in Class!):

4.  Lightbot (iPad App)Lightbot is great fun and does a surprisingly thorough job of introducing some pretty complex principles of programming.