Aleshia Graham

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Aleshia Graham

Who is Mrs. Graham?

Mrs. Graham's favorite quote!  “If you find a path that does not have any obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” -Frank A. Clark

Always looking on the bright side of things and striving to pack my classroom full of 
    humor, rigor, reality, and happiness!
Love teaching at Deer Creek Intermediate School!  
Exceptionally lucky at finding things for my classroom at 
     garage sales.
Skippy Jon Jones is the name of my Dachshund.
Have a VERY LOUD voice!
I have been a teacher for two decades.
Always connecting lessons in literature to the real world.

Godzilla grader is my nickname (from kids) because I 
   grade slowly, but fiercely.
Rides motorcycles and four wheelers.
Asa is my youngest son.
Have a Bachelor of Science degree from Central State 
   University A.K.A. University of Central Oklahoma.  
Allow students to discuss difficult concepts as 
   individuals, pairs, and groups!
My first son is named Bailey. It was a boy’s name before 
   it was a girl’s name!